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Instagram How To 4

I love Instagram.  I love it because it is pictures only.  I don’t have to sift through status updates and advertisements to find out what people have been up to.  And to be honest, we all love looking at a good picture or two.

I often wonder what I would have been sharing had Instagram been around a few years ago.  I love sharing my world through photos.  🙂

So if you love Instagram as much as I do, then you will want to keep reading.

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I thought filters were the ticket to the moon when I first started using Instagram, but I recently read this article that suggested other ways to use it more effectively.

{NOTE: This post was inspired by Her New Leaf’s blog post}

Use your camera app instead of the camera through Instagram.

Instagram How To 1

Import the picture through the Instagram app.  {very easy}

Crop the photo.

Instagram How To 3

Use the sun and rain drop to enhance the photo.  Don’t forget about using filters to enhance as well.

Instagram How To 2

I don’t really understand what the sun stands for.  I just click it each time I’m editing a photo.  If I don’t like what it does to the picture, then I click it again and it goes away. 😉

The rain drop allows you to focus on one area while blurring the rest.  You can resize the area that is focused (make it larger or smaller).  You can also move it around to focus on whatever you prefer.  The rain drop is my favorite enhancement tool!

So to give you an idea of what can be done within Instagram…

I started with this picture:

Original Picture

Original Picture

And ended up with this using the above mentioned tips:

Enhanced Picture

Enhanced Picture

Which do you think is better?

Do you have any other Instagram tips?  Please share if you do! 🙂

Until next time…

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