Soul Gastrolounge…

I went to dinner with a friend of mine last weekend.  She gave me the option of Soul Gastrolounge or Loco Lime.  Both are in Plaza Midwood (aka my favorite neighborhood), and I always go to Loco LIme with Raymond.  So I decided to try Soul! 🙂

I had been twice before but really only to have a cocktail and an appetizer.  That’s not trying a restaurant and their menu.

Be sure to wave back!

The place was hoppin’!  We waited about 30 minutes for a patio table to open up .. never did. Darn fall like day and all those patio hoggers! 😉

Drink time!  Amanda ordered wine; I went with beer.  Newcastle to be exact. It was delish!

Food.  What to order.  Sushi?  Tapas?  An entree all to myself?  We decided to round up several items and give it a whirl!

Our dinner!

Midwood Mixed Green salad for me — oh so yummy!

Fried Meatballs, Hummus of the day, Sashimi Tuna Tacos, and Saganaki.

Good grief!  It is hard to say what my favorite was.  LOVED the Fried Meatballs — they had so much flavor!  LOVED the Sashimi Tuna Tacos.  But that Saganaki was out of this world!  I’ve never experienced anything like that … ever!

Saganaki – Soul Gastrolounge

According to the menu, Saganaki is: pan-fried kefalograviera cheese flamed with brandy.  It was amazing!  Unbelievable!  Tasty!

Can you tell I plan to order that again?! 🙂

If you are in the Plaza Midwood area and want a different take on food and atmosphere, then go to Soul Gastrolounge!  And call me if you want company! 😉

Soul Gastrolounge

Until next time…



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