Shake Up Your Routine…

Webster defines routine as…

routine:  a regular course of procedure; habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure

We tend to be creatures of habit.  Routines are safe.  They are easy.  They help us save time.

They also allow us to slip through life without being present.  We go through the motions.  Mindless.

Routines can get us in a rut.  We wake up one day and say “Where did my life go?”  Day in and day out spent driving to the same place to work, taking care of the kids and the husband, runnings the errands, and planning the meal.  All this to get us where?

I’m not saying that you should quit your job to go find yourself.  I’m simply saying you should shake up your routine.  Get out of that comfort zone.

  1. Make a new friend.
    • As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to find and make new friends.  It was much easier when we were in school and college.
    • Don’t be afraid to say yes to party and event invitations, even if it means you will go alone.
    • Going alone will be even better for your routine!  There is no crutch to lean on.  You have to make new friends!
    • Don’t wait for someone else to make the initiative.  Start a book club with friends.  Or a potluck dinner night once a month.
    • Our schedules are packed, but usually with boring mindless errands and tasks.  Make time for you …. and your new friends! 🙂
  2. Try a new hobby.
    • Skydiving.
    • Salsa dancing.
    • Scrapbooking.
    • Photography.
    • Anything can be considered a hobby.
    • And anything is worth trying at least once.
  3. Pursue your passion (turn it into a second career).
    • What is your passion?
    • You can have one.  It’s okay {I give you permission}. 😉
    • If you don’t have one — go find one.
    • Just because you picked a career when you were in your 20’s doesn’t mean you have to stick with it until retirement.
    • Make your life worthwhile.  Do something worthwhile.
    • Take baby steps. No one said it had to be a drastic change.
  4. Upgrade your style.
    • Fresh haircut.
    • New accessories.
    • Ask some of your stylish friends for advice.
    • Look to Pinterest for ideas.
    • It will make you feel like a million dollars!

So tell me — how do you plan to shake up your routine?  I will be your accountability partner {aka cheerleader}! 🙂

Until next time…


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