Are you a Tweeter or a Tweet Reader?

I am a slow adopter of everything.  HD Televisions.  iPhone and iPads.  Even Twitter.

I joined Twitter about a month ago, and I am truly loving it.

  • Great way to stay connected in your community.
  • Find out about news or happenings not posted elsewhere.
  • Connect with friends in a different way than Facebook.

Facebook is about pictures, albums, status updates, and friend requests.

Twitter is about news and updates.  You can upload pictures via Instagram if you want, but albums aren’t a big feature.

Since I’m new to Twitter, I’m trying to figure out how people use it and why.

  • Are you a Tweeter?
  • Or just a Tweet Reader?
    • If Tweet Reader, why don’t you Tweet?

I’m thinking about writing another post with ideas on how to effectively use Twitter.  Is this something you would be interested in?

Leave your Twitter handle in the comments, and I will be sure to follow you!






Until next time…


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