Goodwill Cornerstone Celebration…

Things have really picked up around here. 🙂 All good things of course.

I was recently asked by Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont to become their “Professional Organizer Expert Blogger”. Me?! 🙂 Of course I said yes!

Goodwill Blog

I was then invited to the Goodwill Cornerstone Celebration luncheon held downtown a few weeks ago.  What an event!  700+ attendees — inspiring and amazing stories — not to mention a great learning opportunity for me.  I thought Goodwill was the place where you drop off unwanted items.  There is so much more to this amazing company!  I left in awe and inspired.  🙂

For instance:  Did you know that $0.90 of every $1 spent at Goodwill stores is funneled into the programs that help thousands in our community each year?  🙂 Wow!  I didn’t know that!

Tomorrow I will be touring the Goodwill offices and Career Development Center.  I am so excited to learn more about what Goodwill is all about! 🙂  Stay tuned!

Until next time…


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