What’s It Like…

“What is Los Angeles like?”  L.A. is — over capacity.  It is full.  It is vibrant.  It is Southern California at it’s best — from Jennifer’s perspective.  There are people and houses as far as the eye can see.  Cars for miles.  Driving is tricky.  Parking is trickier.

“What is it like producing a commercial?”  I’m not 100% sure because I was there to help produce a web commercial — web videos.  What that was like — amazing.  I tried not to be “the little southern girl who was shell shocked”.  Smile and be yourself.  Raymond’s infamous advice. 🙂

I arrived “on set” last Thursday to do what I agreed to do.  The set was a house.  A lovely two bedroom house in Venice, California.  Who’s house was it?  No clue!  I had no idea that there is an entire business and industry dedicated to renting homes for production purposes.

The production team went to work.  “Kraft Food Services” was out back cooking up breakfast and whipping up anything you could ever need to get the day started.  I was inside getting my makeup done.  The wardrobe stylist was busy steaming my outfit.  People were whirling all around!

“Jennifer, I think we are ready for our first shot.” -Director

Game time folks!  Have I ever memorized lines before?  Um — no!

Have I ever delivered said memorized lines into camera with large lights and 20 people staring at me?  Um — no!

Game time.  Smile.  Smile bigger.  Be friendly!

The day whirled on from start to finish.  7:30am to 8pm.  “That’s a wrap!”

Never have I ever — experienced such a thing.  I hope I get a chance to do more — it is addicting!

Stepping down from Cloud 9 took a couple of days.  Not sure I’m down all the way. 🙂


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