Holiday Weekend Pictures…

Did you have a nice Easter weekend?  I hope so!  The weather was lovely and just right for some family time!

Saturday was the first Saturday I have had off in 4 weeks — I had all intentions on taking it off.  Didnt really happen.  Raymond wanted to go shopping for Easter clothes.  I hate to shop.  I worked on inventorying stuff to sell on eBay.  For those that know me best know I am an eBay junkie — on the selling side! 🙂  My apartment looks like a hot mess!  Moving is rough!  I have lamps perched on barstools because I sold my endtables.  Class act.

Sunday was full of church, grilling, and circus activities.  Raymond’s family is now nicknamed “The Little Grant Circus”.  Whew!  I spent the evening with my wonderful parents chatting and debating.  Love debating with my dad!  😉

Monday was spent at the spa with Mom! 🙂  I was so relaxed that I took an hour and half nap…in a lounge chair.

A few pictures from the weekend:

Can you say "Cheese Please". 😉

Getting better...


Raymond's nephew passed out -- Hilarious!

Until next time…


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