Q: How often do you go through and clean out your “stuff” (like clothes, purses, shoes)?

–This question was asked by a friend and I thought I would share my insights with you!

Life becomes a lot easier when your closet isn’t full of clothes that you can no longer wear, dont like, or are in crummy condition.

Imagine this: You get up in the morning, walk into your closet, and pull together an adorable outfit complete with the perfect shoes, purse, and accessories in under 5 minutes.  Sounds like heaven, right?! When you have too many options and most are items you dont really like, then its harder to get ready in the morning than it should be.  Your mind has too many things to process: “I still cant wear those jeans – why cant I just lose those 10 lbs!”, “I keep forgetting to fix that missing button on those pants — Ill save that for Saturday”, “Why do I have so many cream and brown shirts — those colors look terrible on me!”….I could go on for days!

1.  Its a good idea to go through clothes, shoes, purses, hats, scarves, etc. at least twice a year.  Rotating your clothes based on the season can help trigger the “clean out” mode.

2.  If it doesnt fit — let it go!  Most people use excuses to hold on to things: “I might fit into these again one day”, “My mom bought these for me”, “I paid $50 for these pants and barely wore them”.  You have to realize that these are just excuses and should not bear weight on your decision.

3.  If you think you might fit into it later down the road — toss it.  Even if you do get down to that size again, there is no guarantee that you will want to wear that shirt, skirt, or pants again.  Go ahead and let it go.  Besides, a pair of pants 2 sizes too small should not be your motivation to lose weight — your health should be your motivation.

*Reward yourself with a new pair of pants and blouses for when you do get back to that ideal size — thats more fun that going back to old pants and blouses. 🙂

4.  Just because you paid $50 for something is no reason to keep it.  That was money spent a long time ago.  You will never recoup that $50 — no matter if you keep the item or toss it.  If you havent worn it lately (6 months), then it goes!

5.  If you are not sure whether you still like an item, then I say give it one last chance.  Wear it one more time and see how it makes you feel.  If you like it — keep it.  If you feel uncomfortable — out the door!

6. (Lastly) If anything that you decided to get rid of is (A) name brand and (B) in good condition, then I consider it resale-able!  If its not in good condition, then donate or throw away.

And to answer the question — I go through my personal belongings every 3 – 4 weeks.  I dont consider this “normal” by any means — I only want things I use and love around me — everything else is out the door! =) I dont own a lot of shoes, purses, and jewelry for this very reason.  I also dont buy a lot of clothes, shoes, purses, or jewelry for this very reason.  Makes my life easier and saves me some money! What a great combination!

Do you have any good advice on how you go through your clothes closet?


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